Our Story

Eagle’s Nest Ministries was founded in 2005 by Dave and Celia Goddard, as an NPO aiming at setting up and running primary schools in disadvantaged areas of South Africa. Eagle’s Nest Christian Primary School is the first such school. It was started in 2006 and is located in Wallacedene, an informal area of Kraaifontein, on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa.

Our vision is to uplift these communities by providing the children from grade R to grade 7 with an education of excellence, irrespective of their social, financial, cultural or religious backgrounds.

Our curriculum is based on the CAPS document of South Africa.

What sets us apart from other schools is that we conduct all lessons in the English medium, starting at grade R, whereas others only start using it as medium from grade 4 onwards. We feel, given the language of instruction in high school as well as society in general, that our learners would be better equipped if we strengthen their capabilities in this globally accepted language.

When Celia initially thought about starting a school she was not sure where to open, just that God had called her to open a school. One day, she walked into a room with a television that was usually turned off but at that particular moment if was on and a story was being broadcasted about devastating shack fires in the Wallacedene informal settlement. This was accepted as a sign from God and the location of our first school was decided there and then.