When Celia initially thought about starting a school she was not sure where to open, just that God had called her to open a school. One day, she walked into a room with a television that was usually turned off but at that particular moment if was on and a story was being broadcasted about devastating shack fires in the Wallacedene informal settlement. This was accepted as a sign from God and the location of our first school was decided there and then.


Wallacedene is an informal settlement in the northern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa. The settlement was established during the 1980s when the relaxation of pass laws allowed rural populations to more readily migrate to urban centres. By 2004, Wallacedene had an estimated population of 21,000 people.

Our school lies in the heart of this community, it is a community that has gone through its fair share of turbulence (as many similar areas do), service delivery is not always provided as it should and many of our children live in shacks where whole families share one small living space. Many of our learners' parents are unemployed or absent from home due to migration working conditions.

The school offers a place of hope in stormy times, a place where children can be children and are accepted with warmth and bathed in the love and passion God has provided for them.