"We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us" Phil 4:13

Even if I don't write a news page, things still keep happening! Since January it has been all go. What is most encouraging is that God has been so gracious in His guidance.


We need classrooms! Everyday, our grade 3-6 children - 90 in total - must come to school at 12.30pm and return home at 5.30pm. This is because we are 4 classrooms short. Now that we have the grounds to build, we have a new initiative to raise the necessary finances.

For R10 000,00 you can sponsor a space to ensure the future of these children. Go to our BUILD A FUTURE page for more details. We only need 18 more spaces filled to build the first classroom!

New caretaker

Meet Mr Nhoto Tika. What an amazing, humble man he is! He has made an enormous difference to the school already. Where anything needs attention, he gets busy, sometimes even before anything is said. He is spiritually mature and that shows in the way he treats people, no matter who they are. When we celebrated his birthday in March, we were shocked to hear that no-one had ever done anything special for him in all his 37 years! He is married with two sons, aged 6 and 8.

Itai, Itai, how does your garden grow?

This year, Mr Itai Mutoko, our grade 4 teacher, together with Nhoto and a team of grade 4-6 boys, has established a vegetable garden. Onions and spinach are growing as well as tomato plants, other seedlings and the fruit trees. One orange tree was run over by a visitor, but with his experience, Itai assured me that it would recover with tender loving care - and it has! With a strimmer from Cash Convertors, the grass and borders are looking very neat. It is wonderful that Itai is passing on his knowledge and expertise to the students. Thank you Itai!

Mother's day celebrations

A generous sponsor gave the school a gift voucher for Wades Cakes. As our children have birthday cakes each week, we decided to spoil our mothers. The children spent the week prior to Mothers' Day making gifts, cards and writing poems and songs. Wade's baked the beautiful cake in the photo and we invited the Mums to a special coffee and cake event on Friday 11th May. It was a wonderful time of celebration. Many had never tasted a cake so extravagant or decadent. Thank you very much to the sponsor and also to Wades.

Football and Netball tournament

Last Friday, all the Grade 3 - 6 children took part in the first ever Sports Tournament. They practised for two weeks, in their house teams and then competed in 4 events on the day - girls' football and netball, and 2 boys' football matches.
Mr Jamakanga, together with Mr Mutoko, Mr Sibanda and Miss Gumede did a sterling job of organising the event, and preparing the pitches, as well as chalking the lines, and making netball and football goal posts. In Eagle's Nest, where there is a will there is a way!!

SEED and BOOF training

Seed Investments and Operation Hope have been running classes on money management with Grade 5 and 6 every Thursday over the past 12 weeks. The course was completed on May 31st. They all received a certificate and I know that they have really benefitted. We are hoping that SEED will be able to conduct these classes for our staff and parents in the near future.

Upcoming events

19th June - Grade 4-6 will visit the parliament.
21st June - School closes for the holidays
23rd June - Six Grade 6 girls will spend a morning at Haven for Hope Equine Centre
26th June - Management Board Meeting
16th July - School re-opens for 3rd term
August 25th - OPEN DAY and AGM
Aug - Dec - Building new classrooms


We need 119 new sponsors for support of children in Grade 1 and R
If you would like to support a child's education please go to the donate now page for details.


If anyone has any contacts with companies who might be able to donate containers, we need 2 to start our first new classroom and will need an additional 6 by December. Please go to Contact us if you think you can help.

Social Worker needed

With the school growing so large, we are finding that we are being faced with social issues almost daily. As a result, and after praying about it, the Board has decided to look at employing a social worker, just for Eagle's Nest. If you know of someone who might be interested in this, or you are interested yourself, please contact Celia for more information.


Last year we held an Open Day at the school which was a wonderful opportunity for sponsors and other supporters to experience first-hand "a day in the life of Eagle's Nest"! By public request, we will be holding another Open Day on August 25th from 9am - 12am where you can meet the teachers and children and even take part in a lesson. We will incorporate the AGM into the day so that sponsors can attend without feeling "not another meeting!"
Please put this VERY IMPORTANT DATE in your diaries now and join us for an amazing experience.
One person who attended last year said he had tears in his eyes as he joined in the Phonics lesson! Don't miss this experience. Saturday August 25th 9am-12