January 2015 - a new year, new beginnings. A new principal, new teachers, new children, new books! New friends!

Aurélie, from France, spent a month with us at Eagle' Nest and really was a blessing to everyone. We miss you! Please come back to EN. It was also great to welcome Emanuel and his friend from Switzerland. Thank you that you care so much.

We were able to buy new text books, one between 2 learners in every subject from Grade 4 - 7. The books were all covered and catalogued during the holidays by friends at Father's House Christian Fellowship. Thank you so much for your help.

Mr Sampson has settled in and is making his mark on the school in many ways, not least in upgrading the surrounds, adding trees and clearing rubble.

In February, Mrs Maqubela left after teaching at the school for 6 1/2 years. She will be greatly missed - she was loved by parents, teachers and learners. We wish her well in her new position at Wallacedene Primary.

End of March - we welcomed eight Umalusi staff who went through all aspects of the school with a fine-tooth comb. It was a long and grueling month of preparation, but I believe we did well and have learned a lot through the process. We will have to wait at least 9 months for a decision on accreditation.

Natasha Wilson, the board treasurer, also announced her intention to relinquish her position, to pursue the next season in her life. We are very grateful to Natasha for all the hard work. Please, if you are a qualified bookkeeper, looking for an opportunity to serve in a voluntary capacity, we would love to hear from you. This is such an important role to play and we will definitely need someone to replace Natasha.

The school had their first experience of ice-skating as they raised funds and all went skating at the end of the first term! It was a great success-everyone thoroughly enjoyed the adventure.

In April, the HOD's relinquished their roles and two teachers took on supervisory roles to support Mr Sampson. They were Mrs Booysen in Foundation Phase and Mr Paris in Intermediate Phase. Mrs Muzunze did not return to school after the Easter break, due to an injury sustained in a taxi accident. Mrs Shereeze Sampson joined the staff as a Grade R teacher's assistant.

In May, the school was ticking over well and all staff appraisals and increases were completed, and work was underway preparing for mid-year assessments.

The saga of the buildings continues. As I write, it looks as though we have the services of a fire engineer who will guide us in what is needed to have our plans approved. We will then be able to connect our ablutions block and complete the next building phase of 4 needed classrooms.

We want to Praise God for 1. Dedicated and hard-working staff 2. Children who attend regularly and love being at school. 3. Donations towards buildings; engineer's costs; food and studies for teachers. 4. God's hand on the work.

We ask for prayer for a) new Grade 4 teacher b) Completion of plans and buildings c) Success for the teachers in their studies d) Safety for teachers and learners during the holidays.

Eden - the proposed new school at Klipheuwel

We are grateful for a good, positive meeting with the community leaders. We believe we have a potential site for the classrooms, and hope to work side by side with Josiah Trust. We would appreciate your prayers for the timing of the start of the school, as well as the finances. If you are passionate about education and love being involved in building new things, have you considered being apart of the team that will get this school up and running. If you are interested, please contact me (Celia) for more details.

Thank you again for reading this better and also for all your support over the years as this work has grown by God's strength and the work of His people.