A Child

For just R400 per month you can sponsor a child’s education. We will send you a picture of the child with his/her birthday, grade and a quarterly academic report.

Note that you are most welcome to sponsor multiple children, a good option for businesses as well. Payments can be made through either monthly payments or once-off donations for the total yearly amount.

Do you want to sponsor a child? Download more information on sponsoring a child.

Monthly amounts for international sponsors:

  • 30 USD
  • 25 £
  • 25 €
  • 40 AUD
  • 34 CAD

A Teacher

We value all our staff and aim to show this through fair remuneration. You can assist by contributing to a teacher’s salary. Additionally, arrangements can be made if you would like to contribute towards the further studies of one of our teachers.

Materials our teachers have requested for their classrooms include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Text books,
  • art supplies,
  • puzzles,
  • sleeping mats,
  • white boards,
  • science equipment,
  • electronic equipment (projectors etc).

Do you want to sponsor a teacher? Download more information on sponsoring a teacher. For more information please feel free to contact us.

A Birthday

Every child in the school is unique and special, so we make it a must to celebrate each birthday. We celebrate with a cake, baked by a team of volunteers, delivered to school on the first Monday of each month and is shared among all the children of the school. Every birthday boy/ girl also receives a small gift bought by the school. For R150 you can “bless a birthday” and sponsor the cost of a cake and gift.

Do you want to sponsor a birthday? Download more information on sponsoring a birthday.